Payroll Management System In Surat

SMART Nenotech propounds payroll software to store time and attendance record by employees fingerprint in biometrics equipment or another time storing machine to handle employees time and fertility accurately. As well as it provides systematic analytical report that is important for any office or company. The biometrics software has various features to check employee time management like Login, Logout, late coming, early going, leave, overtime and many more. Our Payroll system is highly advance time management system built with the latest technological trends that produce different analytical reports. For the growth of any company or business this software is must. The fusion of advance algorithm and latest technological trends, Fingerprint biometric equipment technology has been range with many companies in India as well as globally. During a period of time upgrading towards the industrialization to today’s internet worldwide, still for HR time an attendance remains critical function. So its wonder to Biometric Software Client fully accomplished peace of mind for recording employee’s time records and attendance.The most important advantage of this system is to dispose of the risk for "buddy punching" and "time theft" although potential overpayment and other kind of simultaneously reducing errors. Users can get employee time over different techniques these are time clocks, a Web browser or a cell phone.



SMART Nenotech provides Attendance Management System with accuracy of data, faster and easy to manage your attendance data for the numbers of employee.

1. Eliminating Buddy Punching

One of the biggest benefits of biometrics device is unable to be duplicated; means prevents employees from punching in another co-worker when they aren’t present at work place.

2. Gives Accurate Option

The Biometric device makes unique for everybody. So it is not able to be forged and duplicated. As well as gives biometric identification makes the most authenticate choice to identify an employee.

3. Growing Productivity

In biometric clocks, the need of to keeping time manually is eliminated. The device saves employees time, reduces staffing overhead and also gives an exact picture of labour information to the payroll department. It helps completely manage all overall business operations so we will lead to a growing in productivity.

4. Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

If the company use the biometric device, then it will help it achieve a positive ROI. The device make sure about eliminating buddy punching, cancel employee theft and other problems caused by loopholes and inaccuracies in the older types of attendance.

5. Increase Employee Accountability

Biometric device for time and attendance tracking the audit trails that, they create. Because of systems, employees are forced to be accountable for the actions they make. Also, the employees are able to easily identify and held answerable for taking extended, unscheduled lunches or other misuses of their time.

6. Enhanced Job Satisfaction

If employees work overtime to address unusual situations, then putting in hours of overtime, all the time, can wear down even the most dedicated workers. As a result, the employees don’t feel that they are overworked. When overtime is required, employee is also having confidence that it will be noticed.

7. Safe and Easy to Use

Using biometric device for identification purposes is that latest systems have integrated technological trends that are safe and easy to use. Also, provides themselves are able to be installed quickly, with minimal training needed to begin using them.

8. Centralized employee data

From a central location manages all your HR administrative behaviour or action. Search for any employees and view previous salary, withdrawals and ledger of particular employee.

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