Customization for Hallmarking Card Printing System In general gold and diamond jewelry has transparency specification which is to be stamped on PVC card during the time of delivering jewelry. SMART Nenotech present Hallmark card printing software that is disposed of complex proceeding of printing card moreover within a small amount of time this software prints equivalent detail on PVC card. As well as product provide such facility for user management by offering separate screens to every logged in user. Amongst the outstanding features of the software is customization. The product allows customization for various clients for various criteria on different types of jewelry. By making use of this product you can see the detail of all cards these have been printed through this system. One of the mind-blowing features of this product is that one can print two cards simultaneously.




1. Computation

Computations accomplish based on 100 or 1000 that include Gold, Silver and many more.

2. Prefix

You can appoint Prefix in your card printing corresponding VGR.

3. Carat

For Carat you can use CT, KT, as well as CARAT at someplace.

4. Automatic Increase

Automatic Increment is related to jewellery code, for instance, the code is 1 then it will automatically put 2nd no from 1st one.

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